The Things We Do

This morning I got into my borrowed car, started it, and got right back out again to brush the snow off the roof and windscreens. Within seconds, my gloved hands were frozen and so I hurriedly finished and got into the frigid driver’s seat. Outside, it was snowing and the mercury was barely visible at the minus twenty two mark. Celcius. I shivered and wondered how it could be so cold. The music was on and I looked at the stereo’s display. It was a jumble of digits, smearing in and out of existence. The LCD was actually frozen and the tiny crystals couldn’t move.

Calgary is cold. And white. And totally devoid of any semblance of a soul. I wonder how I spent eighteen years of my life here.

I think again how glad I am to have moved to the coast where it only occasionally snows and I can walk to get good sushi and fresh produce.